PBA v Bon Accord 18th May at Blairgowrie BC

A Birds Eye View

PBA v Highland 1st June Rattray BC

PBA v Aberdeen & Kincardine 15th June at Pitmedden BC

PBA v City of Dundee 22nd June at Hillcrest BC

PBA v Angus 6th July at Kinnoull BC

Well done the PBA team. They qualified for the quarter finals at Coatbridge Victoria BC on the 13th July

A good match however Glasgow came out on top 125 to 102
Results in detail
S. Pirie       18-19   A. Gray
      L. Wilson     18-22   R. Gualtieri
    M. Biondi     11-20   C. Taggart
   P. Hosie        18-16   M. Kelsey
                                                                                                           I Miller          16-29   D Fry
     J. Baptie        21-19    B. Bowers